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It is never too early, or too late, to start using proper skincare. We are results-oriented and committed to help you experience the ultimate treatment. We have researched many different products and have chosen only the best quality skin care lines. A licensed esthetician will perform your service and make the best recommendations for the home care needs of your skin.

As we age, our skin metabolism and our collagen production slow down causing fine lines and wrinkles. With proper skin care we can slow down the aging process. Let us help you keep that youthful, dewy look. Our facials are great for men and women. If you are having blemish issues, we can help you get the right skin routine for improvement.

Each facial begins with an in-depth skin analysis. We provide a thorough cleansing and steam to remove impurities and soften pores in preparation for extractions, followed by a face, neck, shoulder and hand massage to induce relaxation.

The Importance of Spa-Quality Skin Care Products…
We source out the cleanest product lines for spa use. Spa quality products are typically formulated by doctors or scientists using top quality ingredients to deliver the most potent and effective treatments and results. Remarkable scientific breakthroughs in the delivery of active ingredients have come about. Only quality spa products can provide serums and moisturizers with nano- sized particles that can penetrate the skin to work their magic. Ask your esthetician which products are right for you.

Any Facial Series must be used by the same person and used within 6 months from booking.

Beach Plum Royal Facial
(Highly Recommended)

This is a true spa experience. Indulge yourself with a facial that firms, tones, rejuvenates, diminishes dark circles under eyes and immediately plumps skin. Your treatment begins with a resurfacing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) peel, followed by an ultrasonic machine to penetrate peptides, rich collagen, and antioxidants deep into your skin. This spa treatment indulges you with a massage of the face, décolleté and hands and includes a warm paraffin hand treatment. The Royal treatment will leave skin hydrated and nourished, with increased elasticity, improved superficial lines and brighter skin. Great for stressed skin.

80 minutes – $275

Our Signature Ultrasonic Facial

Age-defying, face rejuvenation. Our ultrasonic machine will exfoliate, plump, nourish and cleanse your skin using ultrasonic wave therapy. Peptides and collagen will be infused deep into your skin which will enhance elasticity and improve superficial lines. This technology works to penetrate vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin. With one treatment you will notice a difference, but 3-6 treatments are highly recommended. However, a single treatment is essential for all skin types, at all ages.

60 minutes – $175
Series of 3 – 60-minute treatments – $472.50

Beach Bliss Customized Facial

This treatment works for any age and any skin type. Allow our skincare professional to assess your skin and discuss a proper treatment. Each skin care type has its own protocol to put you on the road for improvement. Cleansing, stimulating exfoliants will assist in cellular turn over, increasing oxygen and blood flow. The skin is firmer, smoother, and more radiant and complexion is revitalized.

50 minutes – $145

Gifts  of the “C” 

This signature treatment transforms free radical activity into positive cell energy to re-mineralize and balance the skin. Active natural vitamin C and seaweed are blended and massaged into your skin for complete hydration giving you a radiant glow. This is followed by an organic mud mask to leave you wanting more. A powerful antioxidant treatment, great for anti-aging and cell regeneration.

60 minutes – $165 

Specialty Facials

These treatments will enhance your youthful look. Our skin plays many roles in the health of our bodies, from protecting and storing nutrients, to assisting in the absorption of important vitamins. To maximize the look and function of our skin we must ensure its health. Healthy skin absorbs products better, shows less aging, has a nice glow and functions better, by allowing maximum nutrient absorption and collagen production. Sun protection post-treatment is critical in the healing process as well as maintaining your new healthy skin.

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Treatment

This treatment is result-oriented, minimally invasive requiring no downtime. The concept of needling is to slightly injure your skin stimulating the body’s natural healing collagen to respond. This treatment is used to improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. Also great for Rosacea and your décolleté area. What makes our treatment the best around is that we incorporate the EpiWave Ultrasonic Machine which sterilizes the skin, decreases bacteria and inflammation and increases the penetration of products deep into the dermis level. You will experience minor redness and a prickly feeling which will not last long. You will achieve the best results by getting this treatment once a month, for 3 months.

Add on the application of topical Numbing Cream, to aid in decreasing some discomfort, for an additional $15. Please note, this will add 20-30 mins to your service time and must be requested when booking your treatment.

80 minutes
Single Treatment – $325 / Comes with a take home starter kit
Series of 3 – $865

Microdermabrasion Treatment

A non-surgical way to rejuvenate the skin by gently removing the uneven outer layer with a high-speed rotating brush. This treatment targets fine lines, smooths irregular and acne scarring, clears blackheads and boosts collagen production. After removing layers of dead skin your skin will be treated to a soothing mask and powerful serum to moisturize and plump your skin. Optimum results can be realized when performed in a series 3-4 weeks apart. This treatment can be alternated with chemical peels for amazing results.
With no down-time and no pain, this procedure will leave your skin glowing.

60 minutes – $200 / Series of 3 treatments – $540
Add a peel – $45


A highly specialized, non-invasive resurfacing procedure that uses a device to gently scrape away dead skin cells and fine facial hair. A chemical peel, customized for your skin type, will be added after the procedure. This treatment removes facial hair, speeds up new cell production, smooths skin, reduces acne scarring, facilitates product absorption, and lightens hyper-pigmentation. There is NO downtime and NO pain; hair will NOT grow back darker or thicker. Once we dermaplane your skin, the peel will penetrate deeper for most dramatic results. Optimum results can be realized when performed in a series one month apart.

50 minutes (with Peel) – $200 / Series of 3 treatments – $540

Dermaplaning with Ultrasonic Treatment

After your Dermaplaning Treatment, your skin is ready to receive products directly into your pores. The Ultrasonic Machine utilizes low-frequent sound waves to repair the skin at a cellular level. The treatments are specifically designed for all skin types. A safe, gentle alternative for sensitive skin in need of resurfacing.

50 minutes – $250


Why do I need a peel? What kind of peel should I get? Peels gently exfoliate dull, damaged surface layers of your skin to reveal a smooth, radiant, glowing complexion. Once the dull skin is removed, products will be absorbed more readily. Peels also increase cell turnover, diminish fine lines, improve hyper– pigmentation, soften the appearance of scarring and improve menopausal and hormonal acne. Peels are the basic building blocks of your skin care regime and a must for all. Sun protection is essential in the healing process, as well as maintaining your new healthy skin post peel.

Customized Clinical Peels

Peel blends offered could include…Salicylic Acid (BHA), modified Jessner, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and more! There are peels for every skin type, even highly sensitive skin. Our highly trained estheticians will evaluate your skin condition and your goals, and together they will customize the ideal peel for you.

50 minutes – $125 

Anti-Aging Décolleté Treatment

Older skin losses its ability to bounce back and remain taut. Its smooth appearance gets softer, and wrinkles begin to appear. This is most noticeable around the jawline and neck. Our treatment is formulated to improve and maintain skin’s elasticity for a more youthful appearance. Two peptides boost collagen production while tightening and firming skin cells, while sorbitan laurate and proline help restrict and eliminate the storage of fate in the cells.

45 minutes – $99.00

Enhance any facial treatment with the following add-ons.

Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

Moisturizing and smooths those fine lines and reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Very hydrating $20

Stimulating Scalp Treatment

A fabulous menthol peppermint treatment will stimulate and invigorate your scalp. Great for dry scalps. $20

Anti-Aging Décolleté Treatment

Formulated to improve and maintain skin’s elasticity for a more youthful appearance   $35

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