self care in chaos

Our world may seem like it’s in a tailspin, but it’s important to keep your perspective in check. Remembering self care in chaos is of utmost importance at a time like this – and it’s one really effective way to keep that perspective in check. With what we’re all facing, we wanted to put together some ways you can practice self care at home or in a space where you’re following social distancing.

Take a walk

Getting out and taking in some fresh air is a great way to change up your scenery, it gives you exercise and it releases endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones that are peptides. They activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. Need that in English? Walking releases endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones released which can cause a natural high without any drugs! That’s a win in our book.

Do some yoga

You probably know yoga increases your flexibility, but do you know much else about it? That flexibility means that your joints are more forgiving which allows for decreased risk for joint injury. It also increases blood flow. That means better circulation. This circulation delivers much needed oxygen to your cells. Cells then function more efficiently which means your whole body functions more efficiently. You may already know that yoga can be relaxing, but did you know that over time, that relaxation and intentional movement can lead to decreased blood pressure? Learn more about the many benefits of yoga in this blog from yoga journal.


The benefits of meditation seem to be nearly endless. For a more comprehensive list, see this article on Healthline on 12 Science-Based benefits of Meditation. It can reduce anxiety, reduce blood pressure and here’s a great one for the work-at-home parents who have kids home from school: It can increase focus! Want an activity for the kids that’s going to make them better rounded humans and give them the focus to do e-learning from home without losing it? Teach them how to meditate. Do this as a group and voila! Family time. If you are new to meditation, we suggest using the unplug app. They have a free trial to use their guided meditations and they have a meditation for nearly every circumstance/feeling.

We hope you’ll remember your own self-care in this chaos. It could be the very thing that gets you through. Wishing you all well-days ahead!



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