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Our Beach Plum Spas are located inside each of our properties:

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Massages & Healing Massages

The many benefits of massage include stress reduction, increased circulation, shortened recovery time from injuries and enhanced immunity. Increased blood flow after massage helps to flush toxins from the body, relieve chronic pain, control blood pressure and relieves depression and anxiety. All of our licensed massage therapists go through continual training on the latest techniques. Not all massage therapists are equal. We pride ourselves in employing the best of the best.

Beach Plum Wellness Massage

50 minutes…$105 | 80 minutes…$135 | Series of 6 - 50 minute massages - $480
This classic form of full-body massage combined with warm towels and soothing strokes will enhance circulation and soothe tired muscles. Before treatment, your therapist will discuss your goals in order to focus on any problem areas. Promotes relaxation and stress relief. For a full pressure massage, book a Deep Tissue Massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 minutes - $125 | 80 minutes - $165
Essential Oil Massage is a journey for your mind and body. Essential oil absorption in combination with massage provides a multitude of benefits, including: detoxification, elevated mood and decreased pain. Your therapist will assist you in sampling and choosing the right essential oil for your needs. Detox...relax...rejuvenate!

Sport or Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes…$129
80 minutes…$159
Specifically intended for those who get regular massages and require deeper massage techniques. This employs manipulation of strategic muscle groups. Targets deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.

Couples Massage

50 minutes for two…$220
80 minutes for two…$280
You and your partner, or friend, enjoy simultaneous massages together. Special massage oil is used, and the remaining oil is gifted to you to take home to use for yourself. Fabulous for your skin and for stress relief.

Deep Tissue Couples Massage

50 minutes for 2 - $257 | 80 minutes for 2 - $317

Beach Plum Warm Seashell Massage (signature treatment)

80 minutes…$175
Smooth heated shells are gently placed on the body and glided through a rhythmic massage. Stress and tension melt away and the mind is cleared as tired muscles are relaxed. This treatment is a combination of hands and shells. Float away dreaming of the sea breeze.

Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

50 minutes…$105 | 25 minutes* - $79
This treatment helps you relax chronic tension in your neck, shoulders and back by relieving muscle tension and stress. Very targeted massage. A shorter, 25 minute Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage may be requested.
*Availability depends on therapist’s schedule that day. Please call to check availability for this service.

Mother-to-be Massage

50 minutes…$105
A wonderful way to enjoy a massage at a time when your body needs extra care and nurturing. The specific prenatal techniques will improve circulation.
NOTE: Prenatal massage is recommended only after the first trimester of pregnancy. Massage aids in the elimination of water retention, back aches and swollen feet.

Massage Enhancements

Add one or more of these to any massage and bring your massage experience to a whole new level.

Enhancements - $20 each. Choose one, two or all three.
The following enhancements can be added to your 50 or 80 minute massage and cannot be purchased alone:

  • Foot Scrub: Using a Himalayan salt scrub, your feet will be scrubbed and then washed, finishing off with an oil treatment and massage to hydrate and relax.

  • Stimulating Scalp Treatment: A fabulous menthol peppermint treatment will stimulate and invigorate your scalp. Great for dry scalps.

  • Warm Stone Treatment: Warm stones will be used on your back during your massage session to encourage deeper muscle relaxation.

Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage (signature treatment)

80 minutes…$175
You’ll sleep like a baby after this treatment. Experience a profound sense of well-being and tranquility from this innovative massage using hand-carved salt massage stones from the primal sea. These warm, beautiful salt massage stones from the Himalayan Mountains are used in a strategic sequence of Swedish massage to balance your meridians, ground you and nourish your skin. Benefits you may experience: a very deep relaxation, reduced inflammation, detoxification, and an overall sense of well-being. The purpose of this massage is to balance out the autonomic nervous system which controls digestion as well as respiration and heart rate. Supports immune function, exfoliates the skin, calms and soothes sore muscles.