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Body Treatments For a Purpose

Body treatments are essential to keeping skin healthy and vibrant all year long. Living on Cape Cod or while visiting New England, we expose our skin to many extremes - the sun's rays, salt water, and harsh winter winds all dry and wear down our epidermal layer. A body treatment at the Beach Plum Spa can rejuvenate and replenish the nutrients our skin craves, helping skin to heal and hydrate naturally.

Organic Himalayan Salt Scrub with Essential Oil

50 minutes... $115
We use a mineral-laden, nourishing blend of Himalayan sea salt, seaweed, pumice, acai and guarana blended with essential oils for natural exfoliating and moisturizing benefits. This gently and effectively sweeps away dry, dull skin and works as a natural antibacterial and deodorant detox. Rejuvenates and balances your nervous system. Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements that our bodies need for healthy skin.

Himalayan Salt Wrap

50 minutes... $135
In this heavenly treatment, the skin is first stroked with a Himalayan salt massage stone and then a luscious layer of Himalayan salt peel elixier is applied to your skin. This purifies, detoxifies and stimulates the lymphatic system. You are then wrapped in warm blankets while the salt hydrates your skin, digestively exfoliates your skin, balances the PH of your skin, mildly sedates your central nervous system and balances the meridians of your whole body. While relaxing, you will get a scalp and foot massage. A lotion is applied to finish this treatment. Experts claim the results of this treatment are comparable to the effects of “juicing” for three days. A deep, relaxing and healing treatment; you’ll feel the effects for days!

AvarNa-Shankara Ayurveda Body Wrap - Lymphatic Detox

50 minutes….$145
Add 45 minute massage…$200
This treatment is Dosha specific (Doshas are the energies that make up every individual --- the 3 types of Dosha are Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha), designed to drain the lymph system, stimulate exfoliation and cell turnover, nourish dry, tired skin and revitalize your Being. As you are enveloped, you will have your scalp and feet massaged. This treatment is recommended for anyone recovering from an illness, sluggish immunity, overly tired or working on an aggressive exercise routine. Great scalp treatment as well.

Gifts from the Sea

Our Signature Wrap!
75 minutes… $165
High concentrated doses of sea anti-oxidants, restorative minerals, and purist white algae mask will brighten, hydrate and detox. Start with a salt scrub of sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit to prepare skin to accept highest-quality algae oil rich in Omega 3-6 fatty acid sea minerals. Your body will be lightly wrapped in a white algae mask. While that penetrates, you will be drifted into total relaxation while scalp and feet are massaged. Finish with an organic mineral-rich body emollient. Opulent. Organic product. The best detox. Lose that extra fluid.

Glow of Health

80 minutes…$175
Get the Glow of Health! We begin this treatment with an exfoliation of the skin with warm Himalayan Salt Stones. This preps the skin for the Honey Herbal Moisturizing Body Mask. While the body mask soothes your skin, your therapist will give you a scalp and foot massage. After a quick shower you will finish with a 35 minute massage. This service soothes immune system, eases stress, cleanses the skin, and detoxifies.