New Infrared Saunas at Beach Plum Spa

infrared saunaComing Soon to the Beach Plum Spa in Hyannis…new Lockers with Infrared Saunas

To complete the overall Spa experience, we are offering new mens’ and womens’ locker rooms complete with state-of-the art, infrared sauna units. These new sauna units combine all the benefits of traditional saunas with the added benefits of infrared heating, chromotherapy and acoustic resonance therapy.

Infrared saunas are clinically proven to lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss through the increase of core temperature, reduce stress, detoxify the whole body, rejuvenate skin, relax muscles and aid in all types of recovery. Detoxification is particularly important to counteract all of the harmful chemicals and toxins present in our everyday environment.

The Chromotherapy modality uses lighting frequencies to adjust the body and bring health and harmony to body systems. Color imbalances within the body can manifest as mental or physical distress. Chromotherapy works on various energy points within the body to help re-establish its natural balance. Acoustic resonance therapy provides an additional level of healing by using sound vibration to bring you to a deeper state of relaxation.

So stay tuned, we’ll be offering this new feature to you in the very near future at the Beach Plum Spa!

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Blogs on our blog…

We are very honored to be featured recently on the Masshole Mommy blog and on the We3Travel blog. Take a moment to check out what they had to say!

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Himalayan Salts . . . Myth or Alternative Therapy?

himalayan heartsHave you seen the surge of Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders in the stores lately?  Do you ever wonder if they are just beautiful or if they have other benefits as well?

Besides giving your home or office a soft glow, salt lamps give off negative ions which help to neutralize the overabundance of positive ions created by our highly electronic environments. Spas and wellness centers have picked up on this trend and are taking it to the next level by building rooms with salt walls for therapeutic treatment with a variety of benefits. The positive effects of these negative ions supply a variety of health benefits including reducing and eliminating air-born allergens and infections, boosting serotonin levels, improving mental alertness and supporting the immune system.

Studies at Columbia University suggest that exposure to negatively charged ions help to relieve depression. Pierce Howard, Ph.D., author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain says that negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain resulting in higher alertness, deceased drowsiness and more mental acuity.

So, how does a salt lamp or salt wall room work? Typically these are made from salt crystals mined in the Himalayan region where salt deposits formed over 250 million years ago. These deposits are pure and untouched by pollutants and toxins. When warmed, the crystals attract water molecules. As the water molecules evaporate though the crystals the salt emits negative ions. These negative ions bond with positive ions in the air causing particles to drop out. The result is that there are fewer free floating positive ions around to carry pollutants, allergens and germs. With the added benefit of increased blood flow attributed to negative ions you can see how Himalayan salt can relive a myriad of symptoms including asthma, allergies and sinusitis, reduce symptoms of migraines, depression, ADD and anxiety.

Keeping one of these lamps in your home or office can provide a boost for your energy, health and happiness. The number of negative ions a salt lamp or salt candle holder can release depends on its size and how much you warm it with a tea light or electric bulb.  A night-light sized lamp is effective for offsetting the effects of your TV, computer or for a boost in the cleanliness of the air in your office or cubicle.

At the Beach Plum Spa we make scrubs and wraps using pure Himalayan salt because it contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. Himalayan crystal salt is superior to traditional salt because of its purity and it beauty. Choosing Himalayan salt for cooking is far superior to that of traditional table or sea salt and provides pure, toxin-free salt with essential trace minerals plus a unique ionic energy that is released when the salt is mixed with water. When used in cooking it helps to detoxify and balance hormones.

We’re crazy for Himalayan salt, at the Beach Plum Spa, because we’ve found that including it in our treatments enhances energy levels, improves concentration, supports weight loss and enhances sleep quality.

Visit us to try one of our amazing Himalayan salt treatments such as the Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage,  Organic Himalayan Salt Scrub with Essential Oil, Himalayan Salt Wrap, and the Himalayan Salt Stone Wrap and Massage for Hands & Feet. All of the salt remedy products that we use in our spa treatments, as well as Himalayan salt lamps, bath salts, table salt and more, are available for purchase in our spa shop.


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What do you know about Collagen?

bite strawberryWhat is Collagen and why is it important? Collagen is the foundation of connective tissue that supports skin structure; making it essential for younger looking skin. After age 35 collagen production naturally begins to slow down. Naturally occurring enzymes which cause collagen break-down begin to win the race. A decrease in collagen causes skin to thin, lose fullness and form wrinkles. Sun damage, pollution, free radicals and smoke also contribute to the disintegration of collagen.

Good news: In addition to good skin care products, medical lasers, Vitamin A and fillers, you can boost collagen production through your dietary intake. Using a combination of these actions is important for younger looking skin.

Some foods that can help you to boost and maintain your collagen production include:

  • Fish – creates stronger cells. Sources such as tuna and salmon are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids. Having healthy cells supports the structure of your skin.
  • Red vegetables – help with skin protection. Plants such as red peppers, beets and tomatoes, contain the antioxidant Lycopene which acts as a natural sunblock protecting your skin.
  • Dark green vegetables and citrus fruits – are rich in vitamin C which revs up collagen production. Topical products containing vitamin C have anti-oxidizing properties which stabilize harmful enzymes that break down collagen. Vitamin C protects against free radicals which weaken collagen. So eat that spinach and be sure to apply a good, stabilized, Vitamin C product purchased from your local spa.
  • Orange vegetables – restore and regenerate. Carrots and sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A which restore and regenerate damaged collagen.
  • Berries – contain compounds that destroy free radicals. Blueberries and raspberries are a great food source that can help to eliminate free radicals and simultaneously increase collagen levels.
  • Protein – sources such as egg whites are high in both lysine and proline thereby aiding collagen production.
  • Oysters – are naturally rich in zinc which is an essential element of the collagen building process and they’re full of vitamins and minerals including iron and B12.

A healthy and varied diet containing these nutritious and delicious foods will not only help you feel better but look better too!

If you’re looking to boost your skin’s collage with services, we recommend Micro-Needling Skin Rejuvenation, Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, the Ultrasonic Facial and/or the Pixel Perfect Erbium Laser, all available through our Beach Plum Spa and Med-Spa. Call to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly-trained Nurses or Medical Aestheticians to determine which service is best suited to you. Along with these services, we recommend using Biopelle Retriderm and a high quality Vitamin C serum, both available in our Spas and online.

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Know it all about Retinol

face creamRetinol is considered to be the gold standard in topical anti-aging products for its proven ability to stimulate the reproduction of collagen.

The many different types and strengths of Retinol can be confusing. Chemically speaking, all retinoids are related to Vitamin A. It can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, assist in diminishing pore size, address hyper-pigmentation and acne and generally speed up cell turnover. Some types of retinol you may have heard of include a variety of topical forms that come in prescription and cosmetic strengths. All of these products are great when used correctly, but reactions and results can vary depending on your skin type.

As an anti-aging treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, Retinol is a wonder drug. If this is your intended use, you should apply only a “pea” sized amount over your face every night or every other night, depending on the strength of the product. It’s also a good idea to treat those often overlooked areas like your neck and décoletté. Using the product at night works best, due to the sun sensitivity that can result from accelerated cell turnover. Be sure to wear a sunscreen during the day to protect your sensitive skin.

You’ll never regret using Retinol for its anti-aging abilities. The best advice we can offer:  if you are starting a Retinol regimen, talk with your esthetician or medical professional about the right strength and usage schedule for your skin. Used incorrectly, it can damage the outer layer of your skin. We recommend using a medical cosmeceutical formulation of Retinol which will contain emollients that prevent over-drying your skin. For best results, start with a low percentage product and slowly build up. Medical strengths cannot be sold in department or drug stores. To get the best results consult your medical spa or dermatologist’s office.

We love Biopelle’s Retriderm Serum available in 3 strengths and available in our Beach Plum Spas! Stop in to one of our locations or call to get yours today!

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